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Registering as a resident

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Can anyone tell how you go about registering that you are living in France. I went to the the local  Hotel Impot to inform them that i had been living in france now for 6 months & France would now be my country of residence, the gentleman behind the desk was very & unhelpful & told me to come back next spring for my tax forms, & gave no further info.

So have i got it wrong, or who do i inform if anyone ?

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When did you move here? If it was the end of last year then in theory you should have collected a tax form from the Hotel des Impots or your local Mairie in March or around then and filled it in and handed in by the date given on the form.

However, if you were only here in December and told the bloke that, then I would imagine that most clerks would have said that it wasn't worth it for a few weeks revenue.

So in 2006, Feb / March time, go and get your form from the above mentioned and fill them in, only stating income from the 1st of January 2005 until Dec 31 2005.


We aren't obliged to have french id documents, the titre de sejour any more. So there is really no one else to contact. Your other bills should come through automatically.

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It wouldn't hurt to go to your local Mairie and introduce yourself, if you haven't already done so. We took a document relating to the purchase of our house and the secretary took a copy of it. Then you will be on their postal list for local info. Pat.
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Whether or not you need titre de sejour depends on where you lived before coming to France. If from most of the EU member states, TU is quite correct and you no longer need titre de sejour. If you have come from from outside Europe, or one of the newest EU members, you need to apply at the prefecture for your département or the mairie of your commune.

Otherwise the chap in the tax office was correct - you should fill in a tax form for the year in which you took up residence. Even if you won't have any tax to pay it's vital to fill out the form because it gets you into the system and can avoid all sorts of troubles in future.

You do need to sort out your health cover, either through your employment (if any), an E form (if European, note that E111 or the Euro health card is for visitors, and not suitable for residents) or through applying to join the system through your local CPAM office. 

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