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A while ago I posted a message saying we had 4 kittens looking for homes after the vet misdiagnosed our female cat as a Male cat!! She had 4 kittens which we found playing in the barn.

Thanks to a friend she kindly took on the 2 tabby cats, whom are now enjoying a family life. The 2 black kittens were also rehomed with friends, but they also took on a stray dog the week before. They have just turned up at my house with the 2 kittens saying they can't keep them as the dog keeps trying to attack them. Their daughter is very upset as she had fallen in love with them. I myself CAN NOT keep them as I am alergic to cats.

They are both black with green eyes and a small white spot under their chins. I am happy to drive and meet up with someone if you can offer them a nice home. I am happy to split them up but would prefer them to go together, they are living in our barn but are NOT ferile as they get lots of attention from the kids.

Give me a call on 0553 2002 71 or email me at [email protected]



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