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My family and I plus horses and dogs are hopefully moving out to the region in 2007. Even though we have visited the area several times and know a few families in the area, I was wondering what other peoples opinion was of the area as far as schools, doctors and general living is concerned?

Thanks in advance


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This is a beautiful area. The scenery is breathtaking, varying from rocky cliffs near the river to open views of green hills and forests. Cahors is a good town, it has all you need in the way of shops, restaurants. OBI have an English dictionary at the Information desk as they have so many Brits doing up properties!

I hope you like duck as restaurant menus can be a bit repetitive. Can't help you on schools but the doctors are fine, dentists too. Plenty of both in Cahors, where you will find an English-speaking notaire too.

I'm sure you'll be very happy here. There are not too many Brits but you'll find enough to have some English friends as well as French friends.

Good luck


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