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Please help these kittens

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This is my last desperate plea for help. As many of you will have read we ended up with these kittens through no fault of our own. They are 2 beautiful black kittens with stunning green eyes. Both are barn cats but not ferile, one would be happy to stay that way but the other one would love to be an indoor cat, as it is very affectionate. We can not keep then as I am very allergic to them and my asthma is bad having them around. I have advertised them all over, even contacted rescue centres, all can't help. I need someone to offer them a nice home either together or seperately now.

I am now at the stage that if no home is found in the next few weeks I will be forced to have them out down.....Before you all shout I don't want to have this done but my own health is a little more important.

Please ask friends and familes and neighbours and see if someone can kindly give these 2 lovely kittens a loving home that they deserve. We are happy to drive them too you too.


Please pm me or email me. Thanks in advance.


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