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Furnished flat in Toulouse - Which areas are good/bad/ugly !

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We are going to Toulouse  at the end of January to try and find a small furnished flat/studio for up to a year until we have a better idea of the local area and find a family house. I have had listings sent from immostreet.com for a while so have a rough idea of what is available at what price.

If anyone local has any tips on good local Estate Agents and/or areas which are 'good' and areas to 'avoid like the plague' in the city it would help to narrow down our search a bit. Which streets are blocked in the rush hour? which roads are 'rat runs' What is crime like? We know the area around the Capitole as we usually stay in quite central hotels. We have seen the disruption caused by the metro extension and did get caught up in rush hour traffic recently!

Thanks in anticipation,



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