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How far is Cahors?

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Hi there,

Can anyone tell me how far Cahors is from Calais?  Im just about to book some crossings for this year.  I heard that it was about 8 hours.

We are moving in August with a 7.5 ton van,  any tips or advice on crossings etc. will be welcome.  Is the Brittany ferries club worth joining?


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[quote user="Shelly"]


Is the Brittany ferries club worth joining?


Yes definitely if you will be making two or three crossings per year. You can save the cost of membership in one sailing at summer prices. It probably won't be too much help to you with a 7.5T lorry however as they will charge you the freight tarrif against which I don't think your membership discount will apply.

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We're about an hour south of Cahors and we realistically look at 12-14 hours to get to Calais including a coupleof short stops.  In a truck I would expect a bit more.  Am always being told by others of astoundingly short times for reaching Channel, but interestingly all our visitors seem to take at least as long as I do and they are always exhausted on arrival if they have done it in one go!!


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In a car 8 hours sounds spot on, after all it is 95% + autoroute. To be honest in a 7.5 tonne lorry it will probably take 11 -11.5 hours dependent on the age and condition of the vehicle. Obviously none of this includes time for stopages etc and these msut be factored in. I frequently do this journey on my way down to the Gers via Montauban and know that these times are realistic.

Can I ask are you hiring your lorry, if so where from and how much does it cost ? We are planning our move for later this year and are seriously tempted to do the whole thing ourselves also. One other question, have you considered going over by the tunnel instead, or doesn't this work out with a lorry ?


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Two weeks ago I was quoted:

£600 for a Luton for a week and

£900 for a 7.5 tonne.

This was a hire company in Croydon.

I was also told a tale by one of the people there that he had to go down to the SW to collect a 7.5 tonner that a customer had left there!

He drove it back and just short of Calais was stopped by the Gendarmes who inspected the vehicle, discovered that the tachograph was malfunctioning and fined him over 1,000 euros. Apparently, whilst in the UK if it is a private hire then tacho rules do not apply, they do in France.

He also stated that for the south you need two days in a 7.5 tonner.


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