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Charity Quiz Night Montendre Nr North Gironde Border 28/02/06

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Dear Forum members, I am posting the below on behalf of a friend. Please reply direct to Jon. Please support this good cause, and you may have a good night as well. Cheers.





My name is Jonathan Green and I live close to 33920 St. Savin on the Gironde, Charente border.


I am arranging a charity "Quiz Night" on Shrove Tuesday, 28th February 2006 at the Café Marronniers, ave de la République, 17130 Montendre, starting at 8 pm.


Last year my son was very ill and spent 5 days in the intensive care unit at the Pellegrin Hospital, Bordeaux. Whilst he was in there I was offered a room at the Ronald McDonald "Maison des Parents" for parents whose sick children are admitted to the hospital, but Mum & Dad do not live close by. They provided a room in the "maison" (which is in the hospital grounds) with a direct telephone link to the intensive care ward so that I was only a couple of minutes away if I was needed urgently (which thankfully I wasn't!). They were so helpful and I was so thankful of the support.


So now it's payback time. I want to raise as much money as I can to help keep the house doing what it does so well.


There is a 5€ entry fee per person, with a maximum of 4 persons in each team. There will be a grand prize for the winning team and (if the night is well supported) a few spot prizes along the way. If you don't fancy entering the quiz but want to support us, why not come along and treat it as a social evening to meet some new friends (You can also buy some raffle tickets if you want!). The bar has just been renovated into a French version of a British pub and there is a choice of beers on draught, including GUINNESS!


There is a restaurant attached and so food should be available (unless the quiz players have to spread into the restaurant!).


Please telephone me on 05 57 58 06 15 (or email me at [email protected] to register your team, or if you want more information. I really need to know how many want to come so that I can arrange prizes, etc. If well supported I'd be willing to arrange a regular monthly "social evening" of some sort to keep the ball rolling.


Thanks for reading this far, there was a lot of details to get in! Hopefully I'll hear from you soon.


Best Wishes to you all,


Jonathan Green
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Yes the night is still on and I'm really looking forward to it!

For anyone in the Pons area, Radio Pons has picked up on the night

& has asked me in for a chat on Tuesday 21st around 3.30pm. As I

don't speak French very well I'm hoping he keeps his promise of having

the interview conducted in English!

The bar in Montendre holds around 60 people in quite comfortable (for

French bars!) seating with a table for every 4 chairs. Ideal for a quiz

night actually!

They have recently redecorated/refurbished into their idea of a British

pub. They have (amongst others) both Stella Artois & Guinness ON DRAUGHT, if that helps you make the decision to come along!

Obviously the more people taking part, the more fun and sociable the night will be, so please, why not give me a call?

As I said before, if it is a success I'd be glad to try and organise at

least one event a month, to keep on supporting this charity which now

has a place very close to my heart. (I may not like their food, but

their charity is such a good one. Until you need their services, you

don't know what a brilliant idea it is. There were 8 other families

needing their help whilst I was there).

If you can't make a full team of 4, don't worry, you can either play as

a part team, or join forces with other understrength teams on the night.

Any other questions, please fire away! (I've joined the forum now so that I can answer in person!)

Good Luck to you all!

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Hi all,

Just a reminder to please let me know if you would like to join in the

quiz, so I can make adequate preparations for the prizes etc.

The questions have been set and  I am open to all offers of

bribery to reveal them (bit like the "A" levels in the UK really!).

Look forward to seeing you on the night.



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Hi to you all,

Just to let you know that the night was a great success. People were

filling out answer forms at the bar and a table had to be commandeered

from the restaurant to seat another 2 teams that were stranded!

So thanks to everyone who turned up as well as those who could not

attended but wrote & telephoned to wish me good luck. One couple

(Anton & wife) saw the event on this forum and came (from near

Bordeaux). They paid their way, including the raffle, before telling me

they could not stay for the night as they had to be in Paris the next

day! Very many thanks, your generosity was especially appreciated.

Embarrassingly the event was won by "Les Fonctionaires" led by Jim, the

man who wrote the first message on this thread for me! But with a score

of 84.5% they deserved to win the 4 bottles of Bubbly, 4 bottles of

wine and 4 packs of chocolate! Congratulations!

Also I was very pleased that the "stand-alone" question was won by

Damien, a French guy who came along for a social evening with some

British friends. Salut!

But now to the best part! Thanks to the generosity of all those

attending (and despite the table full of raffle prizes paid for from

the proceeds!),  we still managed to raise 282 euros! So I

will be rounding this up to 300 and donating it to the 'Maison de

Parents Ronald McDonald" at the Pellegrin Hospital in Bordeaux.

In fact, the night proved so popular & was so well received that we

are comtemplating arranging one event each month, with the proceeds

going to our, or some other, worthy cause. Fish 'n' Chip Night, Race

Night and of course more quizzes have all been discussed. In fact any

suggestions on this front will be greatly received!

Very provisionally, we are considering our next event will be an "Oz

night" at a local Restaurant that serves Kangaroo Steaks. This would

probably be just a social evening with raffle (although they do have a

table football game, so perhaps we could have a tournament

afterwards????). The very provisional date for this would be 1st April.

The restaurant holds around 50-60 people so places would have to be

limited to that number. If you think you might like to come along

please let me know.

To avoid the possibility of my home email address being "spammed out" I

have set up a dedicated "Hotmail" account especially for correspondence

about our social evenings. So if you want to contact me please write

to:   [email protected]

Thanks once again to everyone who expressed interest in our quiz, why not come again next time?

Regards & Best Wishes


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Hi again,

This will be my last post here, but please look at my new post

regarding our "Oz" Night at St. Savin 33920. Another social evening for

Brits & French in North Gironde. Hopefully another donation to


Take care,


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