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Leeds v Watford - Urgent

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Around the Thiviers area.....A bit sad i know but as a keen Leeds fan I am trying to get to see tomorrow's Big Game.......does anyone know where i could watch it.....it's on Sky Sports One i think at 2pm......

Thanks....here's hoping....Andy

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You could try Le Touroulet Campsite/Bar/Restaurant, between Chalais and St Jory, just off the RN21, they have a big screen for such events and are open all day today for a english book fair and are doing lunches and stuff. Ring  Ruth and Peter
E-mail Address(es):
  [email protected]
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  Phone: 05 53 55 23 59

I am sure they will try and help you.

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My husband is not happy about the Leeds-Watford game.  He tried to get from Bristol to Cardiff today (NOT to watch the football - he is a rugby fan) and was stuck in the football traffic both there and then back.  I told him that it was his fault that he lives in the UK and that he should spend more time in France.
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So i avoided any contact from my friends in the UK all day because i thought i may as well wait and watch the tv highlights showing at 12.15AM on monday morning...yes 12.15am.....got myself all settled down ready for a 'thriller'


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