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Lost Dog - St Paul La Roche, Dordogne

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Can anyone in this area (the North East corner of the Dordogne, nearest town = Thiviers) please look out for a lost dog. Valentine is an uncastrated, pale blonde Golden Retriever, he is a very friendly, affable young chap, around 2 years old, micro-chipped but not tattooed. He also answers to his pet name of Pam-Pam.

Valentine belongs to our friends, Franck and Sandrine, who also live in the village of St Paul La Roche. He escaped from his "Nanny's" house (a farm on the outskirts of the village, where he goes for Doggy-Daycare during the week while his humans are at work) this morning at 10am. He gave Nanny (who is short sighted and a bit slow) the slip and he hasn't been seen since.

We have all been out in our cars this evening for hours and hours, scouring the lanes, knocking at doors etc but to no avail, so we are all very worried. Tomorrow morning Franck will contact the SPA's, local vets etc.

Please can anyone in the vicinity keep an eye out for this dog and let me know urgently if they see or hear of anything. Also, please, please can you ask any friends you have in the area to do the same?

Please help us find this dog - he is very special, and Franck is breaking his heart.

I won't give my telephone number out online, but my PC will be on all day and I will regularly check my LF inbox for news.

Thank you all in advance.

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