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Souillac campsite recommendations

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[quote user="Hoddy"]It all depends how far away from the N20 you want to be Mark. I know a couple of good ones about 26 miles west - I guess that's too far ? Hoddy[/quote]

Think I've probably stayed in those before Hoddy!!  No, bit too far.  I'll contact Souillac direct (thanks Robbie).

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Hi Mark,

Nearly all the campsites around there close at the end of September, including Municipal Les Ondines on the left as you enter Souillac from the south, by the Dordogne.

I have stayed there when it was closed but maybe it usually has a barrier.

There are a coupleof small sites about 5 km out to the west which say end of October.   I can post the phone numbers etc if they would be of interest.

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They is an all year campsite at Payrac, just a few miles south of Souillac, we stayed there last year. Very nice site it is too run by a young-ish Dutch couple with free form camping in amongst typical Quercy oaks and centrally heated shower block.
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