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Flys in the Dordogne

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To follow on from Derkins original post and Dog's hobby [:)]. There is no dead Badger (or at least I hope not) but when we returned yesterday afternoon after about four hours with no apparent flies in the house prior to us leaving we discovered several colonies in many windows. There were literally hundreds of dopey flies that seemed to appear inside the house from nowhere [+o(]. I hope this was a freak incident and the way they were flying and stumbling as if it was their last breath, hopefully the season of flies in the Dordogne is about to end.

By the way Dog, still working on the book. I too had never heard of it, just picked it up because I was in the mood for a good thriller and appeared to have had a few good reviews. So far it is just OK but getting a little more exciting. Will let you know what I think once I finish and also about the fellow that has a similar fascination. [:D]

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What are the beams/lintels like over your windows? We get bats in them and they can then find a way in.

We have one big bat at the moment that enjoy hanging on the smoke detector at the bottom of the stairs - we cannot work out how he gets in - I suppose he'll keep any flies down. The Mrs has given him a litter tray.
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I don't think that is the problem because we don't have beams above most of the windows we had a problem with. We left the shutters open to the windows that had the problem and of course they were all gathered in their hundreds trying to get out [blink]. By the way the same thing happened today, yuk.

We did have a few bats get into our boiler room below the house a few months back because we stupidly left the door open but was able to get them to leave. Not sure what I would do if one was in the house with me but hats off to your wife for the ingenuity, I will have to remember that if it does happen to us.[:)]

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