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Any space in a van to the ariege

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Sorry but this reply is not directly related to your question.

We live in Brighton and are due to sign the 'compromis de vente' in a village about 5 miles from Lavelanet. Although I will be travelling in the next few weeks unfortunately hand luggage allowance isn't big enough.

Although not moving anything at this time there will be a possibility in the future that we will be and I thought that if we exchanged emails then it could be useful if we have to hire a large van. We are based in Brighton so am not sure how practical that is at this end.

It might also be useful to exchange details on builders etc. if you don't have a new build. 



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Thank you for replying. Great news about your move. Where exactly have you bought? It really is a lovely area and I am sure that you will love it. Our e mail address is [email protected]. We live in Chichester and will be going out next Sunday for the half term week. Look forward to hearing from you.

David and Helen Kyffin

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A word of caution about putting your email address in a forum post.

The spammers have "bots" which trawl such places harvesting addresses to add to their lists so it's almost an open invitation for them.

If you want to give out your address far better to do so in a PM

If you must give it out try to write it in a different format such as xxxx @ aol.com (remove spaces)

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To Helen and Jawjb

Looks like the Ariege is the 'région de choix' at the moment! We are in the process of buying a little mountain house and barn on the hills above Massat and hope to be signing the acte de vente early June. Fantastic unspoilt area with more sports on your doorstep than you can shake a stick at! Can't wait to move out there permanently.

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