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Caretaker, property maintenance required near Le Bugue.

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Hello from Australia.

Our fabulous local caretaker for our cottage in a village near Le Bugue is retiring and I am trying to find a contact or someone who could take over from April - I know very soon!

I would also be interested in making my research via a friend of a friend, so if you know of anyone who might know of someone looking for long term work, then I would be very grateful. As you can imaging, living in Austrlia makes it impractical to visit frequently.

Many thanks


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Hi there from France,

Have got friends who are caretakers now but the owner returns for good within a month. So would be good if they could take over at your place. They are currently located near Fumel. It's a 57 year old couple, can recommand them.

Hope to hear from you soon.




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