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Article on Montauban publicity combat ............

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[quote user="Paysages de France"].......in the slightest. Anyone who clicks on  'Montauban publicity combat' knows what thread they're on.[/quote]

True if they are already viewing the forum.

But when members click on the email notification link, they assume it's a different thread because the title is different... this is made worse at the moment by the lack of text in the email notifications.


Now, all participants to this thread, try to stick to the vicinity of the original subject please![:)]

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Not far away  there's  Moissac (22 km away) and Castelarassin (18 km away).  Both of  these, otherwise delightful SW  France towns, are also fighting  to get rid of the unsightly publicity hoardings that ruin their entrance roads.

 Toulouse, (at 50 km) is quite close too, and some of its approaches are tragic examples of the worst excesses of the publicity barons.

 There's also a  hell of a row brewing up over a plan to create a new, giant shopping park on undevelopped land near Toulouse.

  Sao Paolo is not at all 'sticking to' (sic) the vicinity of the 'Montauban publicity combat', but I'd like to mention that it has just successfully  banned (despite massive opposition from  the billboard companies) the giant billboards from the town centre - tens of  these monstrosities (10m x 6m and some even larger ) are currently being dismantled - proof that where there's a will there's a way. Photos on bap.propagande.org

     Hard on the heels of the  Leclerc victory, more illegal signs are due to come down soon in Montauban, including four, 15 metre high and 12 metre long signs for Géant Casino and Mr Bricolage.

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So....your wife's French, but you won't tolerate or accommodate a perfectly understandable linguistic slip-up from a French person using English as their second language?

Nor, apparently, will you entertain the idea of making your thread more easily accessible (or avoidable) by leaving the title alone, even when it is suggested to you by a moderator that this would be helpful.

Any sympathy I entertained for your cause has been totally destroyed by the arrogance of your attitude and your total disregard for common courtesy.


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 So, Clair is French - I didn't know that. We say 'in' the vicinity Clair and the phrase isn't applicable in this case, it's better used to describe something being physically close to something else.

Any remnants of common courtesy that I had towards certain users of this forum were destroyed when I was told to quit the country........if I didn't like it.

     The groundwork that Le Pen has been engaged in for the past thirty years is bearing fruit - now even immigrant groups are telling their fellow community members  to  get out and stop rocking  the boat. An insidious form of self inflicted racism that is becoming widespread and alarming. I feel shame for the British community that tolerates such behaviour on this forum.


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[quote user="marina"]

13 vents, no problem, you just seemed to be so serious from your other contributions that I couldnt imagine you making jokes.


You clearly have not read all my posts.  Although I admit sometimes when my sense of humour makes a sudden appearance, its a bit dry.  If I "try" to be funny, it comes out twisted.  So sometimes it just comes out more like a chuckle than a guffaw.  I HATE "jokes".  Although I love puns, can you see the difference?  So you can see the problems I have on this forum.  Topics tend to "degenerate" into one line quickies after about three pages.  I guess everyone has their own sense of humour.  But I AM a serious guy.   To my mind there is far too much to be serious about to make too many jokes.

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>>>Any remnants of common courtesy that I had towards certain users of this forum were destroyed when I was told to quit the country........if I didn't like it.<<

Basically, whatever your grievance with individual members you either post WITH common courtesy or don't post. Please familiarize yourself with the forum Code of Conduct : http://www.completefrance.com/cs/forums/465569/ShowPost.aspx with special regard to

  • Please choose your words carefully when posting a message. It is difficult to obtain the tone of written messages unlike when speaking to someone.

Users must not post messages which:

           Use the service in a manner deemed inappropriate by Archant

  • Impede or disrupt the flow of the discussions in the Forum

      The reason for not changing the title is simple - each time you do that all the person getting notifications gets is RE:

      Please do as you have been asked and leave the title as is.

      Your co operation will be appreciated

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  « Quiconque se déplace dans ce foutu pays et qui n'est pas mort dans

sa tête de beauf le constatera : le long des routes, à l'approche des

villages, des villes, des connes urbations, le même spectacle nul

s'étale : panneaux pub en cohortes gardant les entrées de ville comme

des CRS, enseignes coup de poing dans la tronche, grand format 16/9 et

tout pour des fois que tu aurais comme qui dirait du mal à lire. »

"Coup de gueule" de Pierre-Jean Delahousse, président de Paysages de France.

« Ah ! Oui, qu'elle serait belle, la France, si elle n'était atteinte

d'une maladie, un mildiou, une lèpre, une teigne, une vérole, une

horrible furonculose, une peste qui la dévore : les panneaux

publicitaires. »

Extrait du livre Allez-y, vous n'en reviendrez pas de Philippe Val, rédacteur en chef de Charlie Hebdo.

2 cris du coeur......  sans commentaire..............  Tony Smith

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  • 3 weeks later...


Vidéo sur la dernière Action ANTIPUB à Montauban (2







Jeudi 10 mai à 20h30

conférence /débat

      Objectif Décroissance 'Diminuer notre vouloir d'achat’

      Centre Universitaire (110 bd Montauriol à Montauban)

      Samedi 26 mai 10h


action antipub - recouvrements de panneaux


courriel [email protected])


      Samedi 23 juin -  à



en mairie de Montauban

      de la pétition contre les grands formats

      (panneaux de pub 4mx3m)

      Jeudi 20 septembre à 20h

       Maison du Peuple ou centre universitaire - Montauban

      'Montauban et les

400 panneaux'
film/docu 58mn

       Conférence /débat :

       La publicité -  vecteur d'idéologie........

       avec Vincent Cheynet de

       'Casseurs de pub' et 'La Décroissance'


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The French academician Michel Serres, Philippe Val the editorialist of

Charlie Hebdo the French satirical weekly and the scientist Albert

Jacquard are all well known names in France. On most subjects, they’ll

argue with each other for hours, but there is one thing all three agree

on and are boiling mad about: the visual pollution caused by the

hundreds of publicity hoardings and gaudy signs that have been allowed

to colonise town entrances.

Michel Serres famously suggested a few

years back, that the people responsible for this public space annexing

should be strung up on their own hoardings by an enraged population.

Philip Val wrote a book ‘Allez -y- vous n’en reviendrez pas!’

« Ah ! Oui, qu'elle serait belle, la France, si elle n'était atteinte

d'une maladie, un mildiou, une lèpre, une teigne, une vérole, une

horrible furonculose, une peste qui la dévore : les panneaux

publicitaires. » (

«Ah! Yes, France would be beautiful, if she hadn’t this illness, this

mould, this leprosy, this smallpox, this veruka, a plague that’s

devouring it - the publicity hoardings!» ) Albert Jacquard

points out that the approach roads to all the historical French towns

have now been squatted by these ugly ‘commercial sentinels’.


large majority of the French population share these feelings, but the

advertising industry is all powerful and such large sums of money are

involved that the government has never dared tackle the problem. A law,

drawn up in 1979, sets a few rules down but it is seldom enforced.

Hence the importance of the national association Paysages de France

which takes on the publicity barons and forces the state to act to

remove illegally installed signs and hoardings by using the

administrative courts (around one third of all publicity devices are illegally installed).

Recent victories achieved by Paysages de France include the

dismantlement of three giant totems, several large hoardings and a 15

mètre high Leclerc sign in Montauban (where there is a very active local group)

and another 30 mètre high Leclerc sign near Montpellier. Over 5000

signs and hoardings have been removed by Paysages de France over the

past ten years.

Other groups, such as the ‘Déboulonneurs’ , set on

a confrontation with the advertisers, have sprung up in the past two

years after a national appeal was launched in 2005. Members of local

collectifs have been defacing posters and getting themselves arrested

and taken to court to find a platform to air their antipublicity

viewpoint. The Metro in Paris is frequently under attack.

This post had been edited by the forum moderating team in accordance with the Code of Conduct:

Please do not advertise your products or services on the message boards. Any advertising without permission will be removed.
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We 'sell' nothing and don't offer 'products' .............

  My name is Tony Smith and I'm  a local correspondant for Paysages de France (Midi Pyrenéees) and I happen to be English.(25 years in France) I've posted the same article (as the one above)  in the France wide environment theme thread.

 This year, there's been articles on my involvement in the battle to reconquer French town entrances in 'French News', 'The Connexion' and 'La Décroissance' (may issue) as well as three short items on France 3 Midi Pyrenées and a plethora of articles in the press in the Tarn et Garonne department.

      I eke out a living by running a restaurant in Montauban (by choice that is as I'm also an adept  of the décroissant philosophy ) and I am not paid by Paysages de France (on the contrary, my activities cost me money).

     I was surprised that the registered environmental group Paysages de France (agreed by the French government to intent legal actions) is considered an organisation with a 'product' or a 'service' to sell on this forum. Obviously this is not the case. The asso is run on a shoestring and only exists because of the dedication of its members. It can be compared (in a much more modest form of course)  to The National Trust in Britain, who, I am sure, would not be accused of offering services or products to sell. (anyone taking the trouble to view the web site can verify this)

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[quote user="Russethouse"]

We 'sell' nothing and don't offer 'products' .............

Why are you posting at such length, then ? Isn't it because you want people to join your association?

Do you hold the copyright of the article you have posted?


Hi Russethouse,

Of course he wants people to listen to his arguments and to join asspciations who promote the values he and his association espouse.  Maybe even his particular local association, if a person lives nearby.  Is that against the rules?  Quote me the rule!  I would be grateful.  I belong to a (voluntarily run) cycling club and often, given a chance, advocate cycling in a club or not in a club.  Is that some kind of violation?  He is NOT selling anything and does not make money.  He keeps saying that, but no one listens.  Is there no one who understands voluntarily staffed associations in France.  I belong to about four, and no one makes any money.  What IS the problem, other than people don't like this guy.

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TV - each time you post there is notice just below where you type the message that says unsolicited advertising will be deleted.

Please note that any unsolicited advertising will be removed

Every time PdF post we get comments and complaints that its an ad, he is promoting membership of the association etc. 


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 Well , really, I don't know what to add to the comments of 13 vents: I am an active member  of a non profit making association that is trying to clean up the entrances to French towns that have been squatted by multinational advertising companies for the past 30 years. My postings are frequent because I'm trying to wake people up to a national scandal....I've been threatened by local 'afficheurs' and I did expect to be received a little more sympathetically by my fellow countrymen/women on this forum..........as for the National Trust: I rarely go back to the  uk SO I'M NOT REALLY AWARE OF THEIR FUNDRAISING METHODS. Paysages de France has around 1500 members       and asks me to send them stamps for return correspondance so it can be assumed that basically, (like me) they are SKINT.

 I repeat Paysage de france 'sells' nothing and has no 'products' to offer........just go on their site to confirm this .........


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[quote user="Russethouse"]

Do you hold the copyright of the article you have posted?


If you are talking about the article he gave the URL to at the beginning of the thread (although you might mean some other article, in which case I am talking nonsense and apologise), are you suggesting that posting the URL of an article freely visible on the web, is a violation of copyright?  People are posting the URLs of articles on websites all the time.  Why are you picking on PdF?  Is there a rule against the posting of URLs?  There is something in this posting of veiled warnings that is not clear and is very strange.  If you can explain it to me, I will shut up and go away.

Of course the URL no longer works for that article, but it is the principle I am talking about.  Clarification of the rules always helps people act more carefully.  If I should put this comment somewhere else, then just tell me or move it.  I am curious.

I also looked for some guidance on the proper and ethical behaviour of moderators, but was unable to find it.  I am sure it is easy to find, but if you could just point me in the right direction, I would be grateful.

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Thank you.  I do not wish to offend, but sometimes one has to ask blunt questions to get answers.  My first post was clealry on topic, the second might have been a bit off.  But these threads do wander a lot, or so I have noticed over the last few months.

I thought you were the moderator, and were making the decisions, otherwise I would have never responded.

My apologies.  I have never heard of this fellow Parfitt, nor do I know his avatar name.

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On reflection, the fact that a link to Paysages de France was censored doesn't really surprise me  .....our local paper 'La  Dépêche du Midi' censored an article and  the photo of the removal of the Leclerc sign in Montauban three weeks ago.

    Any organ of the press or website that accepts advertising is ultimately answerable to the multinational companies that support them.

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You could simply put the relevant link into your profile web address or use it as a signature, as most members do for their own website or one they wish to highlight (see Russethouse's above). These alternatives would be perfectly acceptable, but I suppose they would not serve the 'martyr to commerce' stance you seem to prefer... [Www]

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