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French lessons for the summer wanted!

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As I mentioned yesterday we are moving to Jarnac ( Charente ) the beginning of July.  We have 2 children aged 5 and 7 and at the moment they don't speak any French.  We are looking for someone to teach them french over the summer to help them when they enter school in September.  Does anyone know how we could find someone or a private language school in the area?  Any advice would be gratefully received as I am trying to minimise the problems they will have when they start school.

Thanks v much in advance,


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Hi.. What we did was we asked around the neighbours to see if anyone had a teenage child who wanted to come over and play french games for the odd hour every week.  We of course crossed their hand with silver... almost like booking a baby sitter only we were just in the next room.

After a few months the grown up girl took our 10 year old shopping with her and told her what to ask for etc...and the experience was great for our daughter. It gave her a great start.

Just planting a seed.. teenagers need money....you need teenagers.

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Can anyone able to help Sorcha with French lessons for her children, please contact her by PM - posts stating availability posted on open forum contravene the forum code of conduct and will be deleted.

(PM button is bottom left - Sorcha to pick up PMs go to the page that shows all the forum posts, your name etc and there is a PM link)

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