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Rodez airport closing for how long?

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Havent been here for a while so apologise if this has been covered..

Wanted to go back to London for Xmas -children still live there....and get back for New Year......last year used Rodez which we use all the rest of the time....but Ryanair are not flying there during Nov, Dec, Jan and Feb at least....

Is this affecting anyone else?

Will have to travel to Toulouse or even Limoges......................


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Are you sure there will be no flights? Where did you get your information?

I have read plenty of rumours about Ryanair's Rodez flights but nothing from Ryanair to suggest there would be no winter flights.

Are you basing your comment on no flights being available at the moment? If so, remember that they usually only load up the winter period flights about the end of August/September.

The current wording on the Ryanair site (if you try to find a flight for such a date) is:


Sorry, there are no available flights going out on XXXXXX

This may be because:

- The flight you have chosen is full

- The travel dates requested are for our next schedule period

   and the fares/seats are not loaded for this date as yet

- There may not be a flight scheduled for this date [/quote]

[my bold]

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No mention of any specific routes in that Guardian article (admittedly,

Rodez winter timetable, with just 2/3 flights per week, would be an

obvious candidate).

Anyone got anything definitive?

Certainly the airport won't be closing - that would be most inconvenient for the Paris (& Lyon?) flights.

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