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Property search specialists - dept 65?

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We are hoping to buy a habitable wreck (!) in Dept 65 or 64 and need help in our search. We have contact with several immobiliers but just need someone to liaise between some of them and us (send us lots more photos and information about properties we have found on the net) as we can't travel down weekly.

Is there anyone out there similar to the Granny Network who would help us search for our next dream home (not an estate agent or agent commercial)?

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We looked in 65 last year and found quite a few possibilities similar to what you are looking for through Abafim Immobiliers in Tarbes. I'm sending you a pm with details of someone who could do some research for you - she has done this kind of thing in the past.
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Thanks all - we are driving down again for several appointments with agents/vendors. If we have the same problems as a couple of weeks ago we'll seek help. We've found Abafim very helpful but some of the other agents........eek.!!

Jane, we are also looking south of Tarbes and Pau. We've found that the bergeries/granges with a CU and services close by are very, very expensive now and others (without the possibility of a CU) are advertised as for leisure purposes only.
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