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NONTRON AREA, meeting Expats?

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Hello all,  we are currently purchasing a property Just South of Nontron,  we hope to have completed by Feb 08,

we are wondering how many expats are in the area? as we hope not to fully submerge into the French soil!!

also its nice to hear a familiar accent!! please drop us a line.


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Hello and thanks for the tip,  looks like a very nice venue indeed!

next question: we intend visiting over Xmas and wondered about accommodation? we may have to wait until the day after boxing day tho as we cant imagine being able to find anything actualy over the Xmas period?


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I live between Nontron and Augignac.  There are loads of English in this area.  We mostly have friends, french and english, in the village Piègut.  You will soon meet people if you visit the bars and restaurants, even if its just for a coffee.  Piègut has a large market on wednesday mornings and during the spring and summer months it is absolutely packed.  You can buy all your fresh produce and then have a coffee or lunch, it is a very nice atmosphere.  Try and have a mix of friends, not just english.  We have many french friends through visiting the bar in Piègut and playing pool etc, you soon strike up a conversation.  Make sure you find out when there is music, entertainment on in the restaurants, its a good way of meeting people.

Let me know when you are over, maybe meet for a coffee.


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Saw your

messages in Total France forum and since my wife and I will be moving

permanently to the area close to you I wonder if I might write to ask 

your thoughts about a variety of different things, and sharing any advice you

have about the area.

Look forward to hearing from you.



Mike Evans

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