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Help and advice needed, re where to start with new build

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We have the land, we've drawn up our own design for a house in a very amateurish way and will obviously need to get either a maitre d'oeuvre or architect to do the proper job.

Does anyone have any experience, recommendations of someone to use (around the Sarlat area) or advice about which is best to use and what the differences are?

We are thinking of doing a lot of work ourselves but will need a bricklayer to construct the basic shell of the house, foundations, fosse septic, then a roofer, electrician, plumber etc.   Does anyone have any useful advice, has anyone done this themselves?

Can anyone offer the translation in French to ask for a "basic shell", ie. foundations, floors, external walls, roof?

It is all a very new challenge for us so any useful suggestions/advice is welcome.   We only want a small Grand Design!!

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