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Calling all animal lovers!

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Help Needed!

Hi Everyone, hope you can help me!

I’m taking a small table at the Red Cross Boot Sale to be held in the Salle de Fete in Riberac on Sunday, 11th May.

10% of my takings have to go to the Croix Rouge (they make no charge for taking a table) and after that, all other takings will be donated to L’Europe des Levriers for the rescue Galgos and Podencos. These are the dogs used by the Spanish Hunters and at whose hands, these dogs suffer terribly. This rescue association is one of a number which help to rescue these types of dogs, pay for vets bills, etc., find new loving, forever homes for them and try to put a stop to these dogs being used for hunting in Spain. I knew nothing about their plight until I found our Roqui, a rescue Podenco cross, through this Forum! He's such a delight but was obviously ill treated so I just want to do something to help.

Now I know, from reading this Forum, that you all have a very generous, kind nature so how you can help is by donating home baking, donating items (such as bottles, tins, boxes of chocolates, and such like) for a Tombola and coming along to give your support by participating on the day (it would be really nice to meet you then too).

If you can help, in any way, please pm me. I intend doing some baking (although it’s not my forte!), making some Lemon Curd and Marmalade and making some Scottish Tablet and hopefully, there will be some L’Europe des Levriers T-shirts and Car Stickers on sale.

I also intend having a couple of Information Folders for your perusal. One with info about fostering and what it all entails and another with info about why these dogs need rescuing and how people can help.

This is my first venture of this kind so I will be so grateful for any help you can possibly give me, no matter how small!! Be it a bottle of wine for the Tombola or a home baked cake or jar of your home made confiture, it’s all going to go to such a good cause! If you are near Riberac, I can pick up or, if not, you could bring along on the day.

Please, please find it in your hearts to help (I'm terrified of this, my first venture, being a flop!)!!

Thanks to you all in advance.


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