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Auto Air Conditioning Specialist

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Has anybody any recommendations in the Gironde or West Dordogne. My 7 year old 306 was re gassed last summer but A/c no longer even vaguely cooling the car. Local Peugeot dealer is talking € 1000 for changing the heat exchanger plus minimum € 300 labour.  My concerns :


I know I can source the part in the UK new  for under € 200

I would have expected a check for leaks with UV and dyed gas before diagnosis.

He has had a similar Peugeot in for 5 days without curing it.

His body language suggested he did not want the job.


Ideally I would like somebody who has the had a system repaired rather than simply re gassed. Alternatively if anybody has even seen a specialist advertising I would be grateful. Have tried Pages Jaunes but auto air conditiong does not seem to be a separate category
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