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New Association in Lauzerte, Quercy

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Thought I could give us some publicity too!

We are about to launch a new club called 'Vivre Ensemble en Quercy'.  The idea is to help people of all nationalities meet each other and to help people new to the area to integrate. Not competing with the excellent, well established International Club in Montaigu (who have their own premises); we just want to have occasional meetings and activities in Lauzerte.

The inaugural meeting is on Monday 8th December at 6.00pm in the Mairie in Lauzerte (rue de la Mairie, oddly enough), Tarn et Garonne.  Everyone welcome.

We will be having a few foreign language books in the Lauzerte Mediateque - available on Saturday mornings from January 10th. Due to bureaucracy, people have to join the Mediateque before they can borrow our books - even though we provide the books, stationery and volunteers! So far 99% English books as they are all donated.  We have far more books than shelf room so will change the stock from time to timeIf anyone has story tapes/CDs or DVDs they would be kind enough to donate, we would be most grateful.

Support would be appreciated as we've no idea whether anyone will turn up.  If anyone is interested but can't make the meeting, send me a PM and I'll contact you. 

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