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Free Computer Classes in the Aveyron (12)

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Free Computer Classes in the Aveyron (12)

From my work in IT support (including tuition) for English speakers I

have come to realise that many people in this area would welcome some

basic tuition on getting the most from their PCs and laptops. For this

reason, I have decided in the coming weeks to organise a series of free

classes for all levels but particularly aimed at beginners who would

like to advance their skills. The classes will be held in the south

Aveyron in a location close to the towns of Broquies, Le Truel,

Villefranche-de-Panet, Saint Affrique and Requista.

After an initial chat to assess the needs of those who attend, the

content will be based on what people would like to learn. The classes

will probably cover getting on-line, e-mail, surfing, shopping,

banking, booking flights on the net, uploading photographs, basic

faults and problems etc. The classes will be aimed mainly at an older

generation, but all are welcome.

I plan for the classes to be a social occasion as well as eductional,

to get to know new people as well as learning a little more about

computers. If there is enough interest in any neighbourng areas or

departments, I would be happy to extand the classes to different

locations. While I expect most of the users on this forum wont need

tuition, you may have a friend or neighbour who would jump at the

opportunity, so please pass on this information. You can private

message me, e-mail or you can click on the web link for my contact


I am placing this posting under a number of forum headings to give this event as much coverage as possible.



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