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Celebrant / Interfaith minister sought for marriage ceremony in Mirepoix

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Hi, my fiance and I are planning on getting married at a chateau near Mirepoix later this year. We are looking for an English speaking celebrant or interfaith minister who could perform a marriage blessing in the gardens of the chateau. The legal components of the marriage will have been taken care of in the UK prior to the blessing (so no French residency issues).

I would be most grateful for any recommendations.

Many thanks in advance,


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There is an English speaking evangelical Methodist Church in Narbonne - http://www.methodist-narbonne.org/english/welcome.html - the pastor is an American.  I don't now go to the church as I've found something that suits me better, and we don't have a registered minister (afik).  Whether Stephen Lloyd (the pastor at Narbonne) is able to do what you want, only he can say. 

There has been a previous posting giving English services / churches in the area - it may be that could also help you.

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One previous thread which may be useful is


under the Getting Married in France forum.  One of the posts on this thread mentions that the British Embassy in Paris keeps (or used to keep) a register of English speaking ministers in France.  There is a link to the Embassy site in the thread, and I think you have to e-mail the Embassy for the list.


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Hi Ollie

I am Colin Ward and am an independent celebrant with "Celebrants in France", we are based in SW France but consider events throughout France.

I see that Lucinda has found our website www.colinward.eu . We carry out dozens of no-religious ceremonies every year, all personalised to reflect the beliefs and values of each couple.

If you would like further details please let me know.


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