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My wife and I are looking at installing a multifuel range cooker in our kitchen, which will provide heat to the kitchen and also provide heat to no more than 3 radiators.  We want to be able to use it like a stove as well as a cooker.  We have seen two we are quite keen on namely Esse (Ironheart) and Broseley (Thermo Rosa) but would like to hear from anyone who has experience of either and whether one is better than the other. If anyone can provide some feedback on these or other range cookers we would be grateful.   I have provided a link to both range cookers.  Thank you.



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Thank you for your link to the Esse discussion forum.    I would be grateful to hear from anyone who has had experience of using a Thermo Rosa multi fuel cooker, which I believe can be purchased in France.    With a range cooker that heats up radiators, is it necessary to have a water tank system in the loft or is it connected to the existing hot water boiler which I already have in the ground floor utility room.   Having read some of the comments on this subject it would seem that water pressure could affect the efficiency of a wood burning cooker, and that a secondary pump is necessary to overcome this.   I was hoping that it was just a question of installing a cooker and radiators and that would be it.   Thank you for any assistance on this.
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