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Cancer Support France Dordogne East and Lot

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As part of the national group Cancer Support France (CSF), we are here to help those with cancer as well as their partners or carers in Dordogne East and the Lot Valley.  CSF is for English-speakers living in France no matter what part of the world they are from.

We are a network of volunteers who have received training based on Macmillan UK but must stress that we are not medically trained.  We come from all walks of life; nursing, social work, The Samaritans, teaching and counselling.  Many of our volunteers have experienced or have had  family members or friends diagnosed with cancer so understand the emotional effects of the disease and treatments.

Our core skills include Active Listening either by telephone or home visits as well as dialogue by email if the client would like to communicate their feelings in writing.  Within our team, we have a number of volunteers who are fluent in French and can provide effective communication with the French medical system either by speaking to doctors, consultants and other care providers by telephone or attending appointments with the cancer patient.  We adhere to a strict code of confidentiality.

We also help our clients to ask the questions they need answers to and to guide them to other sources of advice and help as appropriate, providing them with access to written information about cancer and its' treatments.  We never advise our clients on what is the best treatment for them but we do provide the resources and skills to help them make informed decisions and to work with and understand the French healthcare system.

As a voluntary organisation, CSF is funded by Membership and fund-raising events.  With the current economic climate, many expats are returning to the UK which has had a small impact on us so we would welcome new Members and volunteers.  If you would like to participate in this very worthwhile organisation or you have a family member or friend who has cancer, please do contact us through the following channels: -

CSF Dordogne East & Lot - President; Margaret York (Prayssac)

Telephone:  05 65 22 96 37 (08h to 23h)

By email:  [email protected]

National website: www.cancersupportfrance.info

National telephone:  05 45 89 30 05

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