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Floor tiles?

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Point P in Souillac is your nearest they have a good selection to order but are not cheap. Briconautes on the Sarlat road just past Leclerc had a sale on before Xmas don't forget to sign up for their loyalty card at the checkout to recieve 5% discount on 1st order.

Bricomarche in Gourdon. Brico Depot in Montauban if you want to go further probably cheaper but you have the fuel cost.

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I'm afraid we don't live anywhere near you so I can't recommend specific shops, but we found a good selection in local branches of the chain stores Leroy Merlin (www.leroymerlin.fr) , Castorama (www.castorama.fr), Bricodepot (www.bricodepot.fr) and La Peyre (www.lapeyre.fr).  You could look in the telephone directory or on www.pagesjaunes.fr for your nearest branches.  Otherwise there are specialist shops in most towns - look for 'carrelage sol'.


PS Payrac-man posted with more specific info while I was composing this, but hope it still may be helpful.  If you look on the websites it will give you an idea of range and price which may save a wasted visit.

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