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Pays Basque

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Where to start..? First of all, hi to all you Francophiles - esp in the SW - out there..

In August 2007 Madame and I moved from the UK down to the extreme south west of France (aka the Pays Basque, the Pyrenees Atlantique or simply 64).

To those of you considering such a move, I'd say the hardest part is taking the decision to do it..

I kept a diary (for my own benefit really) when we first moved over and last September I started writing it all up (before I forgot things!) and now it's in a blog format. Anyone considering a move down here might find it useful.

My one and only reservation about coming here was the £/€ exchange rate. Despite the slump in value of the £ sterling against the euro, we have never once considered returning to the UK. Life here is everything we dreamt it would be. We've just tightened our belts a tad.


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