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We are having our first ever holiday, as Brits would understand "holiday", next week in Dordogneshire, near Bergerac. 15 years married, but other things have always got in the way. Dominique's never actually been on an "British-style" holiday, apart from colanies de vacances, and being shipped off with a nanny to a gite every August.

The Dordogne Tourisme site lives down to every expectation of French websites, so I though I'd ask if anyone knows of an anywhere else look, or anything else. Please do NOT mention the Bergerac Jazz Festival, I will hunt you down and kill you.............that's how much I hate jazz [:D](I won't call it music). No French theatre either.

In our thirties, active, no kids, 1 Frog+1 Brit who (begrudgingly) speaks French (but don't tell the MiL).




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It's not an area I've visited for ages, but here's a link to some info. I find Tripadvisor forum invaluable for some visits - and some 'help' a bit extreme sometimes!


Hope you have a lovely holiday!
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I reckon you'd be better to vist the tourist office they have lots of leaflets and are helpful.

Pack a raincoat and jumpers it has reverted to autumn at the moment - it is 8C and raining hard.

It usually does this when tourists arrive - it was 30C last wednesday and we opened the swimming pool - but I think we are more likely to skate on it than swim in it at the moment.

Jazz isn't all bad - check out Bela Fleck on Utube.

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