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New terminal just opened at Bordeaux Airport

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It's adjacent to Terminal B which is the main one in the middle so you use the same short term car parks.

I wondered why a third terminal was not called 'C' which would be

logical, but it became clear when I got there. Basically it's a barn. 

It's a big and new but still a barnwith no facilities at land side departures. It certainly has a temporary feel to it.

The up side is it seems to work well with little queueing.

Curiously my daughters flight from Gatwick arrived at terminal A and departed from Billi which caused us some confusion when she was heading back.

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Thanks to one and all.  Yes, you park in the usual places.  There is a, say, 150 yard walk to it from the short stay to the new terminal, Billi.  The walk is behind the road ramp and so, if you are waiting for guests in the car park, you won't be able to see them.

Billi is to the left of the main terminal (as you park) and looks like big black hoarding , so some will find it diffcult to find.

My husband was arriving and so didn't get to see much of the inside so I can't tell you much about the shops there.  He did say that there wasn't much seating.

Frustratingly, Bordeaux airport have changed the short stay parking tariffs again.  The short stay car park is only 10 mins free and after that, you need a ticket - which you can only buy in the terminals that take 10 mins to get to...  Very user unfriendly...

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