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It are cold here

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I remember the winter after we bought it dropped to minus 17, and the autoroute to Spain was closed for snow and ice. Drove down in February and turned on mains in both house and grenier to be greeted with showers from nearly every pipe joint.

No central heating we froze in front of the log fire.

Walking to the bar you could almost cut chunks from the air which was bone chilling.

Ah the good old days.

Soon be heatwave/pool season.

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I reckon though the mind is failing, it was winter 2002/3, but could have been 2001/2.

House was empty, single glazing. Tile floors were freezing (yes we were camping out indoors), despite chiminee fueled all day and night.

I now have gas central heating, though used with chiminee, and the place is snug as bug in a rug.And logs upon logs upon logs!!

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That was just before we arrived. I remember a neighbour telling us that the previous year it had been -15 for a fortnight in late Jan., and they had no running water all that time. [:'(]

And here we are in the sultry SW of France!

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