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Best Place for Purchasing White Goods & DIY Stores?

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I am a bit out of touch with UK DIY stores but:

Castorama - is the same paraent company as B&Q - Kingfisher

Brico Depot - is I believe owned by Castorama - usuallythe cheapest around - but IMHO sometime the quality is a bit lacking.

Leroy Merlin - Good range similar to Castorama.

Mr Bricolage - our one was small and not up to much - now sold to Bricorama who have done nothing to improve it.

Bricomarché - attached to the Intermarché group - medium sized store - at least ours is.

Point P - Builders Merchant

Chausson - Ditto - a bit more expensive than PP above

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We bought our white goods from Darty at Montauban.  We had a hire van with us at the time in which we had brought over a load of furniture from the UK.  We made the trip down to Montauban to see what they had and some of what we required was in stock and other items they needed to order in. From memory we first went there on a Tuesday and they said they would have the ordered in items by Thursday. Although we weren't totally confident that they would, we took the chance and went ahead with the order. We returned on Thursday and they were as good as their word.... all items there for us to load into the van.  Generally quite helpful....  but of course, the available selection was fairly limited compared to the UK..    And yes, I'm pretty sure Darty are in the same group as Comet.

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