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Living France Forum Meet

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As posted on another thread:


I suggested a while ago that maybe we could meet up somewhere (maybe not all at once and in the same place but perhaps gather for lunch somewhere) whilst I'm taking my hols at the end of March.  I've already had a few replies but thought that maybe I should mention this on a couple of other boards in case it's been missed and anybody else would be "up for it".  Please pm me with your location if you think you'd be interested, or post on the other thread (link above) and NOT THIS ONE, so we don't end up with several conversations going on about the same thing on several threads at once.

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Just in case anybody missed it, the LF forum meet  is now pretty much set for lunch on Friday 25th March just North of Bergerac.  Full details on the other thread:


Please respond over there if you are interested, and let Rose know numbers if you want to come along.


If the date or place aren't suitable, then it's likely that there will be a mini-meet the following week (30th or 31st) in the Lot.  Again, please post in the other thread if you are interested or pm me.

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