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Are there any past members of U.K. Rotary living near the Bergerac area

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Why not join the local Rotary club - there are clubs at Bergerac itself, Ste Foy (nice - I went a few years ago), and Miramont - all reachable from Bergerac ....transferring to my local club here in the languedoc has improved my French noticably.

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Good morning Judith,  Thank you for your reply.  I am a past member and President of the Waterlooville Rotary Club England for over 20 years and also a past member of the Montlucon Rotary Club l'Allier Auvergne France for four years.  As you know; there are various agreements in being a member ie: a regular attendance at weekly meetings, asssisting in various committee meetings etc.,  which I am no longer able to comitte my time to, so just looking for ex members in similar positions

Hope you find you dream area.

Regards LesFavets ( Royston )

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Aha !  Yes indeed I do know .....  but attendance is now only 50% and helping projects, commttee, district meeting attendance is now counted, so actually nothing like as difficult as it once was to keep up attendance, though it is still one of the reasons people leave (I think) or don't join, but I find it has helped me know more people here.....

It may (never) by my ideal area, but I like our new house and have no intention of moving again for as long possible ...... until I get too old even for Rotary perhaps??!!!

I hope you find some like minded people up there.....good luck.

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