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Spa/Hot Tub Chemicals - Gers??

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We have a holiday home in the Gers and a couple of years ago installed a Spa/Hot Tub. It has been absolutely fantastic and I don't know what we would have done without it.

In the past we have had chemicals sent out from the UK, but would much prefer to get them locally but can't find a supplier anywhere. We have tried the usual places - Mr Bricolage, Gamme Vert, Castorama etc but they only sell items for pools and not hot tubs.

Does anyone know of anywhere in the Gers or Pau, Mont de Marsan where we can get chemicals ?

Many thanks
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What chemicals were you using before? There is nothing wrong with using chlorine in a hot tub, so a pool shop would be fine or a brico for 20 litre bidon of javel. Bromine is sometimes used as its more stable at higher temp, other options include potassium monopersulfate (MPS).
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Thanks Theiere. The chlorine we have been using is the long lasting pastels. I can get the chlorine but it comes in huge big blocks for pools and won't fit into either the skimmer or the floating chlorine holder. In addition we use staine and scale inhibitor, stuff to get rid of foam, a highly concentrated spa 'sparkle' plus the usual PH and alkaline +/-
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