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Lunch Quatre Routes du Lot 31st March

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My Itchy Feet tour has got rather polarised around the Bergerac meet.  However, I know there are some of you for whom this is a bit of a drag.

I'm going to meet Mr & Mrs Iceni who have recommended a down-to-earth nosherie (above).  Anybody else on the forum like to join in?

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If any of these nosheries have wi-fi I'll download them on the spot, R/H!

Joking apart, I have just taken delivery of a posh new camera bag to make walking around with crutches and a large SLR a bit more simple.  I'm hoping to use the tour to try it out before I get to any serious motor racing stuff (which moves a bit faster than the average forum member[:D]!)

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[quote user="cooperlola"]

Isn't BB the mut's wotsits?[:D]


Can't believe Alberta's Run did it again. AP must have beeen wondering what he had to do to get a win the 2 come along.

I still fancy Kempes for a place bet tomorrow - or would if I gambled.


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Yes, it was great - very scruffy and very good nosh - perfect.  Then the Icenis and I spent a very pleasant evening together.  I have fallen for the Lot and so am still here - currently holed up in the Campernille Cahors having just driven alongside the river - Mr C would just love the railway with all the tunnels.[:)]

I have abandoned the idea of the race as I decided in the end that it would just be too much as I would have had to do Marseille to LM in a day afterwards.  So I'm going to the Auvergne in the morning. The weather has come back - let's just hope it stays like this for another day or two.

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