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( here's details of how to find the restaurant - copied from the other post )

OK - we're all booked for Friday 25th March at 12:00... I can add more

people later so if you still want to come it's not a problem... there is

plenty of space so the more the merrier.

Directions - Obviously

this will very much depend on where you are coming from so rather than

try and give directions I have found the restaurant on Google Maps...

I've switched to satalite view and can recognise the location so it is


Here is the link to google Auberge de la Brande - Les 4 routes


is at the same location a small pepiniere - if you live not too far

away you may recognise this place as they have a very nice plant sale

every May - here is there website

Jardins De La Brande

And to save you searcing back this is the restaurant Auberge de la Brande


see from the google maps link that the restaurant is on the D21, it has

a small car park but across the road (visible on the google link) there

is a large layby/parking area which folks use too.

If anyone needs any more information feel free to send me an email or pm... really looking forward to meeting folks next week



- when I click the google maps link it's quite zoomed out... zoom in

and it's item A (on my screen anyway) that you're looking for

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Just wanted to say that tomorrows the day we're meeting - still not too late for anyone close enough to Bergerac to come... I'm offering tea and cake at mine afterwards for anyone that fancy's a bit more chatting [:$]

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Sorry I dont have photos [Www]  But I did have a lovely lovey day!  I can recommend the restaurant for anyone in the vicinity... and Wooly - the wine was also included.

It was so nice to put faces to some of our virtual friends... Just John... has anyone ever told you that you look like Darth Vadar [8-)] 

Thanks to all for coming and maybe we'll do something similiar again in the future! xx

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  • 3 weeks later...

We had a great time, thanks.[:)]

As they were leaving Paul and Yve T left me a piece of paper outlining an idea for an extended forum get together some time in the future, involving a couple of nights' stay in a hotel/c d'h somwhere.  How does that idea strike everybody?

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  • "The force is strong with this one, I sense something, a presence I've not felt since......."
  • "You don't know the power of the dark side, I must obey my master.  As you wish."

    That said, being Maison Secondaire, it depends on when and where, July or Sept is good,

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    [quote user="Gemonimo"]Very good idea, Coops.  I'd drive miles for good company and a good meal and the last one really was excellent.[/quote]

    So, Gem, you don't like my company or my cooking?  OK, I can take a hint....

    Better still, what about us taking over a biggish place for a weekend or whatever and just let our hair down?

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