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Weather for Nerac/Agen and further north a little info please

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Hi all,

I am new to the forum and I have been having a look through and thought I should join...- we are looking to move to France in the next year...

I wanted to ask about weather...but in a fairly specific way (I can not find anyone who has asked this but if I am repeating myself sorry!).

My husband likes hot weather, I like cold weather

Really I want to know...how hot / cold does it get in the Nerac / Agen area?

We live in South East England and have many reasons to want to move but one of them is the dank drizzly weather here drives us mad and we are hoping to find somewhere (not perfect) that has a longer summer, more dry days, and a shorter winter. We don't mind snow, heavy rain days as long as it doesn't go on forever, I don't want anywhere too hot though.

Should we be looking more in the Lot et Garonne area?

We went over last summer and it was a UK heatwave and in Agen / Nerac it got up to 35degrees which really is my limit.

All advice welcome. Sorry for rambling. Thanks


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I have a house in Lot et Garonne, though I do spend most of my time in England.

In winter, when pressure is high, there can be bright sunny days followed by nights when the temperature plunges beyond zero. But, when pressure is low, there can also be times when mist and drizzle dominate for days on end. I know of  people driven back to Britain (in one case to Scotland) by their experiences of winter.

In summer you can expect it to be hot - the Garonne valley seems to be second only to the Mediterranean area for temperatures, but the heat is often accompanied by very high humidity. It can be very oppressive.

And, of course, there is a fair amount of rain. How else can you account for it being so green?

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We live in Lot et Garonne. I can honestly say that we find the weather here perfect. It is drizzling today but we've seen nothing but long sunny days over the last 6 weeks. I can't think why anyone living in Lot et Garonne would be driven back to UK solely because of the weather. We're both gardeners and walkers. We normally walk about 5kms each day and it is a rare day when we can't do that because of the weather. Also from March to October we're in the garden nearly every day. December and January can be murky with cloud and snow but otherwise we've no complaints.
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The weather's great down there! My house is in the hills to the north of Agen and for me it is just about perfect. Summers are definitely longer, by about a month at each end. Winters can be cold and frosty, but January and the first half of February are often wet and gloomy and seem to go on forever. However, you get occasional wonderful bursts of warmth - the temperature in my garden hit 20 centigrade one New Years Day - when you can really feel the heat of the sun on your back.

I can't understand either how the weather could drive anyone back to the UK, unless they hate sunshine, but there's quite a lot of that in Britain too - evn in Scotland!
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