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2011 Water restrictions in 24600

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Hello, I know water restrictions are in place in the Riberac/ Celles areas but aafter lots of fruitless websearches can anyone tell me what we are / are not allowed to do? Are we allowed to water gardens at set times for instance or not at all? Thank you
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We live in 24700 and were told we were code red (you can make a cup of coffee on Sunday only) etc. We also searched for information on the Dordogne prefecture web site although there was nothing that leapt out at us, which we might have expected. My wife visited the Mairie and they said there was no problem watering plants etc. Now we are slightly confused, although the Mairie should know. However I would like to find a source of information that updates any changes so that we can stay on the right side of the rules.

Also is there a difference in using tap water or using the water from our well ?

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