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Looking for long tem rural rental

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We're a couple looking for a long term rural rental in the 32, 09, 11, 64 or 65.


rustic house is OK. We would like to rent a private house with a yard,

not near a road for at least one year, preferably longer. Can be

isolated. We work from home so it can literally be in the middle of


No gite please (unless it is very private)

Looking to spend 400 euro/month + utilities

Alternatively, if you have a plot of land for sale with trees or a ruin (not near a road), please contact us (max. 50K)

Thank you
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[quote user="Ovidia"]... but do mean the British word "garden" when I use "yard" [/quote]

One of the many meanings of a yard in English used to be an outside area, often behind or adjacent to a house, where the 'privy' was situated or your parked your bike. Nowadays it is often the rear yard of a Victorian terrace, often concreted over or tarmaced, with a few flower filled pots and/or a patch of lawn.

I believe an Australian yard is frequently the equivalent of a garden in English.

Isn't language usage amazing.


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