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French Resistance books

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in Dunes there is a plaque to about 20 people with ages ranging from 17 to their 50s who were strung up with piano wire

Whereabouts in Dunes?  My father is coming over next week and he is fascinated by the all things resistance.

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For PaulT,

I'd recommend "Home Run" by John Nichol, "Saturday at M.I.9" & "Little Cyclone" by Airey Neave..

The penalty for being caught 'aiding & abetting' was so severe that it dissuaded the majority from active participation.

I'm full of admiration for those brave souls who took part.
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[quote user="Patf"] This book gets a good review in this week's Sunday Times:

The Resistance - The French Fight Against the N.a.z.i.s  by Matthew Cobb.

Simon and Schuster £17.99 pp 416 [/quote]

Having recently read this I can thoroughly recommend it, it certainly reveals the chaos of the different factions; I lent it to a friend who returned it a week later and when I asked if he didn't have time to read it, he replied that he couldn't put it down and had been enthralled virtually none stop. The bibliography too is substantial, with lots of further reading.

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Not a book but two excellent programmes on Radio 4 about the Freedom Trail (Chemin de la Liberte), the path across the Pyrenees which was used by downed airmen and Jews who were fleeing occupied France. Still available to listen: http://www.bbc.co.uk/programmes/b017ltk5

Fascinating for anyone interested in the Resistance.
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