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Car Hire at Bordeaux

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Can anyone recommend a car hire firm at Bordeaux airport? Internet searches bring up a myriad of companies and trying to work out which to choose is difficult. It would be good to have a personal recommendation - of one that is a long-established company and one that doesn't add loads of charges at the last minute.

Many Thanks
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[quote user="Clarkkent"] ... Holiday Autos. They are not a car hire company but a broker. You may even find that the hire terms with them are better than anything you could obtain by going straight to the hire company itself.[/quote]

That's what we found when we used them; but it was a while ago.


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My problem with the likes of Holiday Autos is that you do not always know which company the car will be coming from until you have booked.

On two occassions I had a problem with a particular company when arriving late, being shown on the documents that there were one or two slight scratches on the car, being unable to verify in the car park as there was very little lighting only to discover next morning that there was far more damage than that shown on the documentation. It then 'hurts' trying to contact them to report that the damage is more than shown.


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That is very annoying, Paul. But don't forget that the likes of Hertz and Avis operate through local franchises and the behaviour found at one location may not be typical of the brand as a whole.

Two more points 

1  When I use Ryanair I always check the price of booking a Hertz car on the Ryanair site. It is usually cheaper than any other source including brokers.

2  If you are going to hire a car on more than one occassion it is usually very cost effective to obtain annual third-party collision waiver insurance.

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The trouble with booking with the car hire company promoted by the airline is that is where the queues will be.

The advantage of the larger companies is that they are good when something has gone wrong with the car, internet sourced cars less so.

That said, avoid A*** at Bordeaux airport.
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