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Hello anyone living near Tonneins?

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Hi there

As this is my first post (LOL luckily not the last...), I hope I am not treading on any toes by asking this question.

My partner and I have purchased a house in a small village called Clairac 6km from Tonneins.  Naturally, we would like to get to know some people to make the whole experience so much more enjoyable when we visit.  We are planning to move permanantly in 2015, at the moment we are just visiting when we can.

I do hope to hear from someone, and thank you for taking the time to read this.

Bon Chance



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Bonjour Clair

We are planing on moving down permanently as soon as we sell our home in the UK, we are in Savignac de Duras, not that far from Tonneins, in fact we often pop into  the brico whats it store , we are down from 01mar-27apr or there abouts, if you are in the area send us an email and I'll give you our phone number.

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Hi Gail, yes I'm just down the road, about ten miles or so, close to Sainte Livrade Sur Lot. I can tell you a lot about the area, places to go, groups you can join and will be happy to answer (if I can) your questions. There's a ladies' group that meets on the first Wednesday of every month ... www.47leggies.com ..... and you can just drop in. That's a very good place to start meeting people and we have several members who live in the UK and come when they're in France.

Another very useful group is the Group47 ... you get a weekly email with what's on in the area, so drop an email to [email protected] and ask to go on the mailing list. It's free, and you'll see that there's a lot of things to do.

Anyway, let me know when you're coming and I can fix up to let you know what's going on.

All the best

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Re: 47 Leggies. My personal general observation is that these "women institute" groups (I did attend this one nectarine mentions when I was staying with a friend in your area) is great if you are a "womens institute type person" but goodness me u could have stayd in blighty for this.

What I found very disturbing with this "leggies thing" is that some of them thought I had just arrived ( as green as grass so they hoped!) in the area and quite simply I was bombarded with either" my husband is a great handyman no jobs too small just €15 an hr or I know a man that can do very cheap for cash!!

Another problem is when you start going to these "English cliquey do's" u just get sucked in and before u know it you revolve around only English people, surely the reason u come to France is to enjoy the French way of life. At the end of the day u make your own decision but do keep your own council as these groups can sometimes be like vultures!

Gail, I sent u a pm on the 15th.
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MilkeyBar, I'm surprised at your comments since I've been going to Leggies since the start and have met with only kindness, offers of help and advice and I've never been offered 'tradesman husbands' nor anythinglike that!. Clearly we have spoken to very different people and obviously your experience is hugely different from mine. What a shame, since this monthly womens' meeting is a good place to meet friends and have a chat. And, no, I'm not a Women's Institute type either!

But back to the point - I extended to Gail an offer to come along when she's in France, just to meet people, especially if one has just moved into the area. I'm sure she can use her own common sense to determine what are genuine offers of friendship.
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I, too, am very surprised by milkeybar's comments.  I feel this will give a misleading impression to anyone who is interested in Leggies and would like to give a different viewpoint.

We were new to this area a few months ago and when we arrived we knew absolutely no-one.  Our house is quite remote and we felt extremely vulnerable. We were 'ripe for plucking' if anyone ever was! I had left all my friends and family in UK so put up a message on a forum, very similar to that of Nectarine.  I received some lovely replies, one of which was an invitiation to join Leggies.

This I did, and I can quite truthfully say that my experience was overwhelmingly positive.  Without exception, everyone I met was friendly, welcoming and supportive.  People were interested but in no way pushy.  Through them, I was put in touch with others who live near us. I was given access to many different activities social and otherwise, but there was no pressure, just a friendly welcome. They were a mine of information as they had all been there before us and knew the pitfulls, but again this information was offered freely when asked, and not pushed.  Most important was the support that was given, if and when it was needed.  And as independent as we like to be, this is so necessary and very much appreciated.  So many mistakes can be made, when new to any new area and society.  In such a short time, we have formed the basis of some very valuable friendships and we feel very happy here.

As for tradesmen, we did and still do need such services, but at no time were we 'bombarded' with such offers as described.  On the contrary, people warned us as to who and what to avoid.  Suggestions were made, but it was down to us to do our homework and research and make our decisions.  But the best advice we were offered, was to go to Mairie and ask there as their recommendations were based on their knowledge and experience of all local artisans.

Of course we want to enjoy the French way of life but this takes time.  To integrate fully and successfully you need to have a strong understanding of the language and the way of life as well as considerable confidence!  How many of us possess this level of skill straight off?  We need the support and friendship of our compatriots whilst this happens and what is wrong with that?  As well as joining Leggies, we have attended the village events.  We have again met with amazing kindness and this from all nationalities in our village - French, Belgium, Dutch, Australian and Irish!

At the end of the day, it is down to the individual.  It is about what you want, what you give and what you expect.  We are only very thankful that these lovely people are there for us and have made such a difference to our lives in such a short time.

Gail, we live in the next village to you and we would be very happy to meet you and extend the welcome on to you.  You only have to say.  Good luck!

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Good morning

Very surprised at the reply from milkybar to Gails very innocent question, you only learn from experience, and todo this you have to go along to the meeting and decide for yourself, Leggies may not be every bodys cup of tea but it may well be GAILs.

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Very strange, do not know why I read this thread but I did - being a chap I will have difficulty joining a femal organisation.

We are all different and like different things so what might be good for one person is not good for another.

On a similar track I had an email last night from an ex-colleague who announced that she had joined the WI and told me not to be surprised as it was not jam making and that there were all sorts of outings etc. Now, if it was jam making then she would not have gone near it with a barge pole but went along open minded and liked what she saw.

The point of the above is that you do not know until you have tried something. Do not take other peoples points of view as what might appeal to them might not appeal to you. Go along and experience whatever it is yourself and then make your mind up. The best thing that a forum like this can do is to tell you what is there and nothing else.

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Yes, Paul I do agree with what you say here..."The best thing that a forum like this can do is to tell you what is there and nothing else" but Paul we are all allowed to discuss and express ones own opinion.

The whole point of my comments (that

seems to have totally missed its mark!) was originally to make a

newbie aware that she could be approached by persons (as I was) that were wanting to make a

quick few quid. Arriving to a new home makes you very vulnerable and

you can be so desperate to integrate that you accept any offer of

help without thinking of the consequence.

On hindsight I hold my hands up and

admit I worded it very badly for which I am sorry. I should have

promoted its positive side as offering support and a place to

socialise for those that have a need of English company, it's not

just making Christmas cards, etc.[:$]

Nevertheless, I will stick to my guns

and say it is better that a newbie is forewarned that often there is

a network of DIY ers within these associations making a few hundred

here and there from tiling around swimming pools to installing

bathrooms, selling digi boxed and fitting satellite dishes...

Well, we are off skiing for a long

weekend having fun![8-|]

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