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Anyone Living Near Condom

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Still in shock...see post http://www.completefrance.com/cs/forums/2692927/ShowPost.aspx

Please, is there an experienced horsey person living near to us at Condom (to the South) that might consider a visit to us. Will give details in pm/email.

Just need assurance that we are feeding the correct diet and put us straight on some management details. Our pockets are not very deep so we desperately don't want to get carried away on spending.

Vets coming today to check all is OK and sort out her chip (hope he speaks English), I dread to think of the cost.

A bit concerned as our neighbour says Puzzle will be sought after by “travelling people” because she is a piebald !!!!!! Fortunately we are well off the beaten track but we have been advised to padlock the stable and put bars on the windows!! Thanks MBK
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You should be able to buy a reasonable mare's diet mix from your local Gamme Vert which won't break the bank over much.  I'll try to find some info' on line of French products you could source locally.  If you feed a mix or nuts then they are balanced for you and apart from good quality hay, you shouldn't need anything else.  How tall is she?  Can you measure her girth for me also?  If I know her body weight I can calculate her approximate daily requirement for you. 

I can't get at all my books at the moment but do have several on foal rearing etc.  I'll see what I can do to dig them out and send them on to you.

EDIT : For her height I need the distance from the ground to her withers.  Do it like you would a kid - stand her next to a wall and mark the wall.  Doesn't need to be too accurate I just need to guage whether we're talking shetland or percheron here or roughly whereabouts in between.

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Thank you so much. Vet called this morning and speaks English, phew! All is well with Loppy and Puzzle .He gave us a list of what to buy and where to buy! The hippodrome is not far and he says there is a private syndicate/pool attached to the hippodrome near Condom where they buy at reasonable price from Belgium! Nutrients, salt licks etc at half French prices.

Apparently there is a private stud nearby owned by a Dutch couple that perhaps will advise, the vet says he will have a chat with them tomorrow and explain our ignorance!!, fingers crossed.

I have already ordered from Amazon ....http://www.amazon.co.uk/Your-Mares-First-Foal-Skepper/dp/1872119980/ref=pd_sim_b_2/276-8105505-6487252

Your Mare's First Foal [Paperback]

Thank you for your kindness very much appreciated.

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Excellent.  Dutchies are probably by far your best bet - nothing to beat on the spot help and they tend to speak fantastic English (well my dutch friends all do!)

You're not alone.  I used to work for a very experienced woman who had stables for years and even she managed to buy two pregnant mares in her time without knowing it until days before the offspring popped out.[:-))]

Any way I can help from a distance, just shout, but it sounds as if you are in good hands.

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