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Agen station buffet closed down

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I read this terrible news a few days ago in an online version of Sud Ouest. Shocking. Is it really true?  Eating there is one of the staples of my visits to this much underrated town. Agen has had its wonderful station buffet since 1858. Someone tell me I've got it all wrong and it's still there! 
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I used to lunch here every Sunday after going to market and went today after returning from a spell in the far east.

Well and truly closed with no info posted on the main entrance or windows.

I asked the charming newspaper lady but she knew little or nothing.

It was always so busy surely they cant have gone phut!

SNCF are doing considerable works around the station and I can only wonder wether they put the rent up to an unacceptable level or the lease ran out.

If anyone has more info please let me know, the staff were great and I will miss it
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