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Recommendations sought for Indian restaurants

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I really miss my curries. We are in the Haute Garonne near the border of Spain and Saint Gaudens - doesn;t appear to be one anywhere near us. Does anyone know if Tarbes has an INdian Restaurant - I will travel 50 minutes for a good curry!!!!
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[quote user="Scooter"]Does anyone know if Tarbes has an INdian Restaurant - I will travel 50 minutes for a good curry!!!![/quote]

Check the yellow pages - there are a couple, but their websites are not too revealing - may need a phone call or two


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Make your own.

I started practising a few months ago in preparation for

our move and (not wanting to sound big headded) my curries are as good

and often better than the best take away's round here.  They are really

easy, the ingredients are really cheap, they're mostly dried so can be stored

for months on end and the cooking is easy.  I am going shopping later this week to stock up ready for the big move.  I understand some of the ingredients will be hard to get hold of (I have been told there is a really good shop for spices in Bordeaux) but as I said most are dried, so long as you store them well they should last 6-12 months and the fresh bits like coriander can be frozen, ok it comes out a bit mushy but the fresh flavour is still there.  I am still struggling with papads though, the Gram flour is like wallpaper paste.

I bought two books that I have found really great., they are:

Miss Masala by Mallika Basu SIBN 978-0-00-730612-1

And The Curry Cook Book, no author on that one. ISBN 978-1-4454-036108 

The miss Masala is great with loads of healthy, easy and tasty dishes where as the other one is a bit more complex resulting in slightly higher quality food.  I still prefer Miss Masala, it's quick, healthy and tasty food in 30-45 minutes.

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