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PLEASE HELP – Cats and Dogs in their hundreds, waiting for good homes!

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Hi All

Phoenix Association is currently over-run with cats and dogs. Yesterday, we had to witness several animals being put to sleep at the SPA (pound), and we had the awful task of picking which ones to save and try and re-home. This is a weekly, horrific reality for us, which is why we are making a huge effort to advertise and spread the word of all that we do, and all that we believe in.

If you are looking for a new furry friend, then look no further than our website www.phoenixasso.com.

We thank you for all of your support.

The Phoenix Team
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I have known that back in 2006 when I was on my own trying to get them out of Niort.  I started to put some on here (it's thanks to Sheelagh that everyone is stuck with me on here now!) and found some wonderful homes. 

But it wasn't enough, so I went on to Rescue  and asked for help.  A few more found homes by the skin of their teeth.  Then other members and shelters helped with some and I put a few in kennels until they were able to move on.

Now we have marvellous Fran who from Geneva manages the whole lot, even the molosses!  They are mostly taken to a big SPA outside Paris, where they are all neutered, etc. before adoption.  They will not however take the oldies that they think they cannot rehome, so I and a few others still watch over them.

There are dogs in pounds all over France being rescued all the time thanks to an SOS put out for them on Rescue.  Why don't you do the same when you cannot take them all?  If you put them on there with a photo and a deadline, you are sure members will answer your call.  There is an incredible chain of solidarity out there including for the seniors and the handicapped.  I'll back you up on there if you become a member.

By the way an SPA is not a pound, but a shelter.  A fourrière is a pound where they go when they are found.  Years ago they were all put down in the fourrières, only the owner was allowed to claim them.  Since a change in the law they can now, after the delay, be handed over to an SPA, or any other shelter with whom they have a convention.

For example the SPA at Morée is a wonderful shelter and they are always there to help when they can.  We can all try to help you get them out of there, but it needs photos of each individual case to get things on the move.

Bonne chance !

P.S. Perhaps your local SPA also acts as fourrière, I think that's the also the case for Carcassonne.  It was just so that people don't get confused between the two.


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[quote user="Phoenix PR"]Hello Thanks for your reply, and all you do for the animals. I say "pound" so that most Brits, who perhaps don't know what the SPA is, will understand. Please advise, what is "Rescue"? Do you have details please? Thank you.[/quote]

Well, as a Brit I know the difference between a pound and a rescue organisation......

Our current dog came from a rescue organisation that had taken him from a pound.

The pound he had been collected from was in Lancashire in an area where dog fighting is rife. He was covered in bites and scars, the theory being that he had been used as a bait dog.

Best of luck in finding homes.


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[quote user="Phoenix PR"]Thanks for all your replies. I will investigate the Rescue forum as it looks interesting for us. Paul, you're right. This is something (legacies) we have looked at in the past, but it's not a 'go-er'. Jane[/quote]

and I find it amazing that you cannot leave money to some organisations - WHY!

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