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Bingley & Hogan - brothers looking for love!

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Bingley & Hogan - little cat-brothers looking for love

Bingley and Hogan are brothers who were actually born into Phoenix foster care in April 2012, but have been waiting ever since then for a home!

They are both friendly, nice cats. Bingley is slightly more confident, while Hogan prefers to carry out a quiet assessment of you first!

These two could be homed together, as they make a lovely pair, sharing the same marmalade coloured eyes, but they'd also be happily separated.

They'd love to have a nice fire and a lap to sit on this winter…..

Bingley & Hogan are currently in foster care in Issac, 24400

Please call Lynda Atkins on 05 53 81 30 44 or email lapuille@gmail.com

Thank you, The Phoenix Team



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Hogan : is a striking tabby who gets on well with other cats and loves strokes and cuddles.


Bingley : is the brother of Hogan. He is a really pretty black and white boy with orange eyes.


With due respect to the Phoenix Association


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