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Phoenix Appeal for Lizzie

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Phoenix Appeal for Lizzie

Just a puppy still, Lizzie has been waiting for a home of her own for a while. She turned up eariier this year as a stray in the garden of Rita Hoener, who kindly took her in and contacted Phoenix.

Rita decided to keep Lizzie, but due to family circumstances, Rita now has to travel frequently to Germany, and it’s just not fair on Lizzie, so we’ve put her up for adoption.

Lizzie is a little star - very affectionate, listens well, intelligent, good recall and very lively and fun – she loves to spring and run around.

She is great with other dogs although a little vocal when she first meets one and she is getting accustomed to Rita’s cat, after being boisterous initially.

Lizzie would suit an active person or family, and as she’s a curious and bouncy little tinker, a secure, fenced garden is a must. She’d love another dog for company too.

We’re not sure why she hasn’t been adopted yet, as she’s also beautiful, so please, if you are thinking about it, contact Rita on 05 55 78 13 93 or email on [email protected]

See photos of Lizzie on the Phoenix Facebook pagewww.facebook.com/PhoenixAssociationFrance

and www.phoenixasso.com

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