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TAZ - 1 year old female Collie Cross needs a home!

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TAZ – 1 year old female Collie X

Tax is actually less than a year old, still a puppy, and her owner, Richard, who loves her dearly, is very reluctantly seeking a new home for her.

The only reason is that he lives on a very busy road, and Taz is jumping the fence if she sees a squirrel or something else exciting! Richard loves her too much to carry on taking a risk and is sick with worry that she will cause an accident.

Taz loves people, is great with children and other dogs and although un-tested with cats, shows no interest in them in the vet’s waiting room!

Taz is sterilised, micro-chipped, vaccinated and passported, and so is all ready to go!

Taz is perfectly behaved in the house when her humans are ther but has been chewing possessions when left alone in the house! Phoenix has suggested the use of a dog crate full of toys for those times when Taz needs to be left alone for a few hours, and this is working well, and Phoenix has also provided other advice on the chewing issue, which Taz’s new owners must take note of. This is a common issue for a puppy and one that can be easily resolved with the right know-how.

Taz is totally house-trained, walks well on and off-lead and sleeps soundly in her bed at night. She’s a really delightful girl.

If you have a secure garden and would like to meet this lovely girl, please contact Richard on:

05 53 74 38 07

[email protected]

SEE PHOTOS ON www.facebook.com/PhoenixAssociationFrance - in the private re-homings album.

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